Finland local user group

Juho Kilkku | 2018-03-06 Salesforce Way


Juho Kilkku joins us to talk about creating and hosting Finland local user group story as well as his certified instructor role.

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Show Notes:

Discussing points:

  • Why and how did the guest found and run Finland Salesforce User Group back in year 2014
  • What experience and benefit does the guest have from Finland Salesforce User Group?
  • Announcement for next event on 6th April 2018 - Topic: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Helsinki Salesforce Developer Group event on April 25th - Topic: TrailHeaDX
  • How does the guest become a Salesforce Certified Instructor
  • The guest’s current working focus
  • Welcoming everybody to come and see our awesome Salesforce User Group event