3rd party frameworks

Nikita Verkhoshintcev | 2018-04-19 Salesforce Way


Nikita drops by to share his invaluable experience of using popular 3rd party frameworks in Salesforce

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Show Notes:

Discussing points:

  • Why Guest’s company uses 3rd party frameworks, like Angular and React, in Salesforce app development
  • Pros & cons between Lightning Component and popular 3rd party frameworks
  • Simple introduction of Angular and React framework
  • How to use other frameworks and pass on data technically
  • Using the Soap and REST APIs in Guest’s Salesforce projects
  • Risk analysis of 3rd party framework compatibility
  • Angular v.s. React
  • Simple scenario walk-through: using Angular in Salesforce project
  • What Salesforce native code is needed in 3rd party framework project
  • A bit more about current JavaScript status