On this site, I create both Podcast audio and YouTube Videos for Salesforce developers. My goal is to help you become a better Salesforce developer.

If you aim to be a better Salesforce developer and are looking for top-notch FREE content, you have found the place!

It is not easy to become a qualified Salesforce developer, not at all. The technology evolves fast, new features come out from the Salesforce, and so on and so on.  If we don’t use the most suitable way of learning, we can be drowned by the overwhelming information.

Moreover, a qualified developer must be good at both technical skills and soft skills. On this site, we pick the brains of the best Salesforce technologists in the world. We practice the fundamental software engineering skills together. We learn how to better communicate and assist others…

I’m grateful if you could connect with me on all social media platforms. And I am especially humbled if you could give me constructive feedback! Because feedback guides me to better serve you on your developer journey. At last, the journey is long, don’t forget to enjoy the adventurous experience!

Standing on the shoulders of giants is a secret key to having a successful developer career.

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In this Salesforce developer podcast, I both interview the best Salesforce experts in the world to pick their brains and share important topics by solo talk.

Standing on the shoulders of giants is a secrete key to have a successful developer career.


In this YouTube Channel, I share not only technical knowledge but also answer questions from my audiences and listeners.

Videos allow us to lay back and follow along each and every detail of what the author is doing.  Consider subscribing to this channel if watching videos is the best way for you to learn.