SalesforceWay Podcast

SalesforceWay podcast is a weekly show.

Each Thursday, a new episode is published and announced on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The show presents a great way for Salesforce developers and architectures to learn from Salesforce technology leaders.

All past episodes can be found here.

Connect with the host

LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, Instagram, Facebook, xixiaofinland(a)gmail(d)com

Listening Statistics

(Updated Jan. 2020)

  • 4000 – 7000 listening times per month for all episodes.
  • 200+ listening times for each new episode within days.
  • 500+ listening times for many episodes within several months.


Some of the recognition words from the Ohana below.

The podcast is mentioned by famous SalesforceBen site

SalesforceWay is part of the podcast list in Jitendra Zaa’s famous Salesforce Blog