The vision of this site is to provide free top-notch content to help you become a better Salesforce developer.

The content of this site comprises three categories:

My plan is to share things I have learned in my Salesforce developer career, especially from those famous Salesforce gurus, aka standing on the shoulders of giant.

I believe that a good Salesforce developer is armed with both good software engineering skills and good soft skills. Thus on this site, we practice both.

I’m super grateful if you could connect with me on all social media platforms. And I am especially humbled if you could give me constructive feedback!

At last, don’t forget to enjoy the adventurous journey. It’s gonna be a LONG trip, so having fun is important :)!

Salesforce Developer

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In this Salesforce developer podcast, I both interview the best Salesforce experts in the world to pick their brains and share important topics by solo talk.

You can listen it by:


In this YouTube Channel, I practice things learned from my podcast guests as well as sharing topics I consider important .

Videos enable us to follow each and every detail of what the creator is doing.  Consider subscribing to this channel if watching videos is the best way for you to learn.

salesforce developer blog

In this Salesforce developer blog, I create re-purposed content from the podcast and the YouTube channel, the goal is to reach people who enjoys reading. I also share topics that do not fit into audio or video format.

If you are more comfortable to read text content, you might find something useful here.