28. Salesforce Architecture and Developer | Steven Herod

salesforce architecture

Steven Herod, Salesforce CTA, Managing Director for Salesforce Platform at Accenture, shares what Salesforce architecture and Salesforce developer roles are.

Main Points

The main points Steven talks about:

  • Steven’s current role, past working experience, CTA journey
  • What does it mean as an architecture role
  • How to tell between good and bad programmers
  • Why is programming difficult
  • Find a team and company that shares the same value as you do


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My Takeaways on Salesforce Architecture and Salesforce Developer Roles

The guest Steven has a working experience of multiple different roles.

He is the type of person who “does whatever the job in front, and get it done”.

He works both intelligently and diligently, received CTA certification after joining the Salesforce ecosystem for only two years.

This is an unbelievable record that I bet nobody can break!

In the chat with Steven, we discussed both the architecture role and developer role in general.

He also answered some of the long-lasting puzzles in my head, such as “how to tell between good and bad programmers”, “why is it important to find a team and company to share your vision and value”.

During the discussion, I also realize that Steven has an amazing skill — he can naturally bridge the gap between business and technology with his easy-to-understand analogies.

He is the type of talent who knows both business and technology worlds well. Unique!

Btw, I also highly recommend you to check Steven’s YouTube video on what he thinks architecture’s role is. This is a summary of his many year architecture’s experiences.

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