58. Create AppExchange Solution From True Zero | Pat McClellan

AppExchange Solution

Pat McClellan, who joins to talk about AppExchange Solution, is a 4x Salesforce Certified Salesforce Developer, 2x Dreamforce Speaker, Lightning Champion, author of Proton Text App.

Main Points

  • Pat’s self-introduction and brief journey of creating the Proton Text App
  • Why did Pat change his career path and now have a good motivation to be a Salesforce developer?
  • Pat goes through the technical design and how the app was built
  • 3 typical use cases that Salesforce users use text messages on the platform
  • The text messaging app competition on AppExchange 
  • How did Pat collect requirements?
  • How big revenue does Pat have on this app?
  • The difference between the product and the consulting business?
  • Pat’s advice on building a successful AppExchange app

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