57. Prepare for Salesforce CTA | Kid Jansen

Salesforce CTA

Kid Jansen, who joins to talk about how to prepare for Salesforce CTA, is 20x certified, Technical Architect, PluralSight Author, and active community contributor.



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Main Points

  • Kid’s self-introduction
  • Kid’s video presentation – Salesforce certifications
  • What are CTA prerequisites in terms of certifications?
  • When shall people start to prepare for CTA when prerequisites are done?
  • What are the differences between growing into architect from admin, consultant or developer?
  • The difference among types of working companies: small or big; consulting, ISV or customer.
  • The process and the content of the CTA exam
  • Once I decided to start, what are the tools to assist me?


Video Teaser on Salesforce CTA

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