102. Sfdx-hardis | Nicolas Vuillamy


Nicolas Vuillamy, who joins to talk about Sfdx-hardis, is an open-Sourcerer and CTO in Cloudity.

Main Points

  • Nicolas’ MegaLinter open-source project
  • Nicolas’ Sfdx-hardis open-source project
  • Why should we use Sfdx-hardis?
  • Is it easy to learn and start using Sfdx-hardis?
  • Roles: contributor, release manager, setup manager
  • Source-code based strategy
  • The Vscode extension
  • The sfdx plugin feature
  • DX@Scale, Sfdx-hardis, 3rd party proprietary tools, and DevOps Center
  • What metadata types should be part of DevOps pipeline
  • The deploy-all approach in Sfdx-hardis


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