61. All About Apex Language(2) | Chris Peterson

apex language

Chris Peterson, who joins to talk about Apex language, is the Director of Product Management for Apex in Salesforce.


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Main Points

  • Is the Apex team currently working on the language expressiveness?
  • Is it a good idea that Salesforce supports some good open-source libraries in the ecosystem?
  • Is it valuable to build an Apex package management tool like npm for javascript?
  • Shall Apex add features to distinguish various types of Apex tests, such as unit test, integration test, large volume data test, bulkification test, etc.? 
  • Apex team’s working effort to have better meta-data coverage
  • Chris’ tips on writing good Apex tests
  • Is better mocking in Apex test needed by developers?
  • What is the new Apex transaction finalizer?
  • Discuss several ideas to support the open-source community


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