47. Salesforce Freelancing | Ankit Taneja

Salesforce Freelancing

Ankit Taneja, who joins to talk about Salesforce freelancing, is the content producer at Forcepreneur.com, founder of BlazeNewTrail.com, an active trailblazer in the Ohana, and of course a Salesforce freelancer.

Main Points

  • Ankit’s self-introduction
  • Ankit shares What freelancers actually do in their jobs
  • How to start as a freelancer job?
  • What Skillsets are required for freelancers?
  • Why would Ankit want to be a full-stack freelancer?
  • When is it a good time to be a freelancer?
  • How to acquire clients at the beginning?
  • How to excel and stand out in the freelancing competition?
  • What are the pros and cons of a freelancer according to Ankit’s experience?
  • Ankit’s online Salesforce job-hunting site – blazenewtrail.com
  • Speaking the local language as a freelancer
  • Ankit’s new podcast Forcepreneur – interview entrepreneur in the Salesforce ecosystem


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