65. Future of Development on Salesforce 360 Platform | Abhinav Gupta

Salesforce 360 Platform

Abhinav Gupta, who joins to talk about Future of Development on Salesforce 360 Platform, is a Salesforce Architect and Salesforce MVP, the Founder of Concretio Apps Company.


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Main Points

  • Abhinav’s self-introduction
  • The first-ever Virtual Dreamin’ event
  • Discuss the Salesforce platform megatrend – low code
  • The growing Salesforce marketplace for declarative tools, such as flows
  • Salesforce customer 360 platform – more new Salesforce clouds are launching
  • Discussion on the developer’s career path
  • How do developers learn declarative tools?
  • Developer’s business mindset
  • Code v.s. Low code balance challenge


Video Teaser on Salesforce 360 Platform

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