22. Understand Lightning Web Component | Philippe Ozil

Lightning Web Component

Philippe Ozil joins to talk about the Lightning Web Component at a high level. Philippe, France based, is a Lead Developer Evangelist at Salesforce.

Main Points

  • What is the developer evangelist role in Salesforce?
  • What is the Lightning Web Component (LWC)?
  • What are web standards and how browser vendors follow web standards?
  • What is the difference between LWC and the popular JS frameworks such as Angular and React?
  • What components does LWC contain? LWC engine, data binding, and base component
  • The shadow DOM feature in LWC
  • What does the LWC repository in Github contain?
  • What are the upcoming features in the LWC roadmap?
  • What good learning resources do we have for LWC?


  1. Salesforce Sample Gallery
  2. LWC Developer guide
  3. Blog: Introducing Lightning Web Components Open Source
  4. Blog: Differences Between Building Lightning Web Components on Lightning Platform and Open Source

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Lightning Web Component (LWC) is the Salesforce new generation front-end framework. It’s brand new and has many cool cutting-edge features, such as ES2015 supported, Web Component supported and so on. Besides, the LWC core is also open-sourced In TDX19′.

Because of all these, LWC becomes absolutely a buzzword in the Salesforce Ohana.

However, buzzwords usually come with many misconceptions, so does LWC. Many people throw this jargon without quite understanding it.

For example, these questions below are remarkable important for any Salesforce developers to grab the big picture.

  • Why yet another framework since there exists Aura, React, Angular, VueJS, etc.?
  • What does it mean “LWC goes open source” to me — each individual developer?
  • Where is the boundary between things open-sourced and things still in proprietary?
  • Can we use LWC outside of the Salesforce lightning platform?
  • Can we reuse LWC components developed for the Salesforce lightning platform outside?

And the good news is, Philippe has answered all the questions above in this episode :)!

Questions of today

What is your experience in learning LWC? Let me know your thoughts :)!

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