63. From Non-tech to Salesforce Architect | Susannah St-Germain

Salesforce Architect

Susannah St-Germain, who joins to talk about becoming a Salesforce Architect without IT background, is a Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Architect, 20 x certified, BostonSFDC Co-Lead, and RADWomenCode Coach.


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Main Points

  • Susannah’s self-introduction, her role in the company and the CTA exam journey
  • Why and how did Susannah slowly transition from the music to the IT field?
  • How did Susannah make the switch from the admin role to the developer role?
  • What is the right mindset to shift to a Salesforce technical role? Susannah also shares her experience on this point.
  • How did Susannah change to a Salesforce technical architecture role?
  • What are Susannah’s current strugglings? 
  • How hungry are you to learn?


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