80. Blending Business and Technical Insights | Tina Wilburn

Blending Business and Technical Insights

Tina Wilburn joins to talk about the Blending Business and Technical Insights topic.

Tina is a Senior Program Architect at Salesforce, with 25 years in the software engineering and consulting space. She has an MBA as well as a Master’s Degree in Project Management and has worked as a Salesforce architect since 2014. In addition to 15 Salesforce certifications, Tina is an expert in enterprise architecture, integrations, AI, and business consulting.



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Main points

  • Overview of Tina’s career: from mainframes to MBA, to Salesforce program architect
  • What helps her to interface with executive leaders
  • Tips for career success
  • The journey to CTA
  • The importance of getting your data model right at the outset


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