100. DevOps is not the issue in Salesforce | Ramzi Akremi

Ramzi Akremi is a senior Salesforce technologist, Modular Salesforce Evangelist, who applies software engineering to Salesforce & DevOps.

Main Points

  • Why Ramzi focuses on the DevOps topic in Salesforce
  • Concepts and terms in Salesforce DevOps and DX@Scale
  • Application architect and modularization
  • DevOps mindset and practices
  • The hurdles of moving to real DevOps in Salesforce
  • Small steps to learn DevOps
  • How code quality influences DevOps
  • DevOps engineer’s role in Ramzi’s perspective
  • How to engage Salesforce developers to learn software engineering skills
  • Things related to the DevOps concept
  • Great salesforce developer
  • DX@Scale tool


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