42. Salesforce Community-Led Events | Eric Dreshfield

Salesforce Community-Led Events

Eric Dreshfield, who guests to talk about Salesforce Community-Led Events, is a Salesforce MVP, the founder of Midwest Dreamin’, the leader of Southern Indiana Salesforce Administrators Group

Work-wise, Eric is the VP-Delivery at ITequality.


Proton Text is a complete SMS texting solution built for the Lightning Platform, and by one of our previous guests Pat McClellan.

Main Points

  • Eric’s introduction, which I did on his behalf 🙂
  • How did Eric come up with the idea of hosting Midwest Dreamin’
  • What has Eric experienced by arranging the first event
  • What is the difference between Salesforce running and community-let events?
  • What is Salesforce company’s role in the community-led events?
  • The detailed schedule of the recent Midwest Dreamin’ event
  • The effort Eric is spending on arranging the events
  • Why would Eric do all these arranging activities again and again?
  • What benefits does Eric gain from all these arranging events
  • Eric’s experience in the new company – ITequality


Video Teaser on Salesforce Community-Led Events

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