2. Finland local user group | Juho Kilkku

local user group
Juho Kilkku

Juho Kilkku joins us to talk about creating and hosting Finland local user group story as well as his certified instructor role.

Main Points

  1. Why and how did the guest found and run Finland Salesforce Local User Group back in the year 2014
  2. What experience and benefit does the guest have from Finland Salesforce User Group?
  3. Announcement for next event on 6th April 2018
  4. Topic: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  5. Helsinki Salesforce Developer Group event on April 25th
  6. Topic: TrailHeaDX How does the guest become a Salesforce Certified Instructor
  7. The guest’s current working focus – Welcoming everybody to come and see our awesome Salesforce User Group event


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