31. Wisdom in Salesforce Play-by-Play(2) | Don Robins

salesforce play-by-play
Don Robins

Don Robins, Pluralsight Salesforce Play-by-play Producer, Salesforce MVP 7x, Technical Educator, Certified Instructor, PD2, Author, Training Partner, Team Lead – mentoring worldwide in the cloud.

Main Points

  • How does the PluralSight platform lift up Don’s content?
  • Don’s arguments on most of his video series are paid content on PluralSight.
  • Several ways Don mentions that can grant a free 30-day trial.
  • Don’s opinion on different learning methods fit different people
  • How much time does Don currently spend on producing his video series
  • Don’s understanding of how to learn and gain wisdom


Video Teaser on Salesforce Play-by-Play

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