54. All About Trigger Framework | Adam Olshansky

Trigger Framework

Adam Olshansky, who joins to talk about trigger framework, is Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Engineer at Google, 14X Certified and Pluralsight Author.

Main Points

  • Adam’s self-introduction
  • Adam’s Apex hours session – trigger framework
  • Why do we need a trigger framework?
  • How do we choose a suitable trigger framework? 
  • Why would we choose a sophisticated object-oriented complex trigger framework?
  • Difference between teams working in one single org and teams from consulting firms in terms of choosing a trigger framework
  • The feature that helps avoid recursion
  • The importance of communication between admins and developers
  • Create your own tailored trigger framework
  • Using custom metadata types in trigger frameworks
  • When shall developers start to study trigger frameworks?


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