33. MyTriggers Trigger Framework | Christian Szandor Knapp

myTrigger Trigger Framework

Christian Szandor Knapp is the head of Salesforce Development at Appero, Salesforce MVP, Co-Leader of the Munich Developer User Group.

Szandor is very passionate about Salesforce technology.  

Main Points

  • Why does Appero release yet another new trigger framework?
  • What benefits does MyTriggers trigger framework offer?
  • How does MyTriggers leverage Custom Metadata Type to control the trigger logic flow?
  • Discussion on existing trigger frameworks and their pros and cons comparing to MyTriggers.
  • Discussion on how to select a proper trigger framework according to time investment and current programming skills
  • MyTriggers also supports platform event


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My Takeaway for Trigger Framework – MyTriggers

After custom metadata type is released, not only Salesforce applications start to use it for app configuration but also trigger frameworks use it to control the trigger logic.

If you have listened to Szandor’s talk, you will see that MyTriggers trigger framework is one of those heavily leveraging custom metadata type.

One of the biggest features in MyTriggers is that it uses custom metadata type to control and visualize the trigger logic so that admins and business users could also understand the logic without checking the code.

In my opinion, regardless of which trigger framework do we pick up, it is more important to understand what features the selected framework supports and how it was implemented by looking into the code. You could check this play-by-play to learn from experts Dan Appleman and Don Robins :).

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