29. Salesforce Lightning Locker Service | Matt Goldspink

Locker Service

Matt Goldspink is a UI Architect in Vlocity, Dreamforce speaker.

Matt is with strong experience in server-side Java, frontend development in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Web Components, Angular, React, Sencha ExtJs) and mobile application development on iOS and Android (Native and hybrid).

Main Points

  • Matt’s blog thread on the Salesforce developer site and his locker service experience
  • Why does Salesforce create the locker service and what problem does it tackle?
  • What are the challenges for Salesforce to create the locker service?
  • What is the locker service implementation from a user or developer’s point of view?
  • Explanation of Third-party JavaScript library isolation in the locker service
  • How can we know if a third-party JavaScript library is well supported in the locker service?
  • What are the good resources to learn LWC?


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Key Takeaway for Locker Service

Many Salesforce developers complain about Locker Service:

  1. It puts a restriction on browser native API calls
  2. It has a negative performance impact
  3. It prevents some popular 3ard party JavaScript libraries from working

They ignore the reason Locker service is introduced and the great benefit it brings to the Lightning platform.

In this episode, Matt gives a holistic view of Locker Service. Hopefully, you can understand better about and really embrace it :).

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