43. Pet Project – Enhance Your Coding Skill | Johan Karlsteen

pet project

Johan Karlsteen, joins to talk about the pet project. Johan, running top trailblazer site, is a Software Engineer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Johan has been working with Salesforce since 2012 and is currently a Salesforce consultant.

Main Points

  • Johan’s introduction
  • We talked a little bit about Computer Bible Books – TAOCP and SICP
  • How did Johan start his pet project – top trailblazers?
  • How was top trailblazers technically implemented?
  • Who are using top trailblazers?
  • What is the purpose for Johan of having this pet project?
  • What advice would Johan give to listeners in terms of pet projects?
  • Why is it important to learn other technology stacks?
  • We talk briefly about Apex, Python, coding styles, code wars
  • Learn new things with the pet projects: hosting service, SEO, static site generators


Video Teaser On Pet Project

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