39. Salesforce CLI, The 1 Thing You Need To Master

salesforce cli

Keir Bowden, one of the first Salesforce CTAs, joins to talk about Salesforce CLI.

Keir is also the author of the Visualforce Development Cookbook, five-time Salesforce Developer MVPs, and the CTO at BrightGen.

Main Points on Salesforce CLI

  • Discussion about Keir’s Visualforce book
  • Introduction about Keir’s play-by-play on the same topic
  • How did Keir learn Salesforce CLI?
  • What was the developer experience preceding CLI?
  • Can we use CLI with regular static orgs?
  • Extending CLI with scripts and plugins
  • Keir shares two typical challenges of using scratch org
  • Keir’s Mentz program to help people learn better coding
  • Discussion about how to create and distribute plugins
  • How does VSCode Salesforce official plugin use CLI?
  • What are the things that can still be improved?
  • Keir’s DreamForce 19 talk – Testing UI with Selenium and NodeJs


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