34. Career Tips From Salesforce Recruiters | Ben Duncombe

Ben Duncombe is the director of Talent Hub – The Salesforce recruitment experts. Talent Hub is the host of Trailhead Tuesday in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the sponsors of the Brisbane event.

Main Points

  • We start with Ben’s self-introduction and how we connected in LinkedIn
  • We talk about why it is a good idea that Salesforce developers have a good relationship with Salesforce recruiters? 
  • Ben considers it is important for Salesforce developers to talk to a trustful Salesforce recruiter about the salary requirement based on skills, and there are many other factors in addition to the salary.
  • Ben shares the typical recruiting business model by using the UK and Australia as examples. By understanding the business model, we are more clear on the recruiters’ incentives.
  • Ben shares his major frustration on his recruiting activities. 
  • When should a Salesforce developer switch from employee to a contractor?
  • Why is it difficult for Ben to find a Salesforce developer with a good software engineering background?
  • Ben thinks it might not be a good idea for all developers to go after the CTA role.
  • What does Ben think about the importance of soft skills?
  • In Ben’s opinion, developers should have opinions and be open for communication
  • The fact that tech lead who can manage teams are demanded in the market
  • What Salesforce developer should do prior to talking to Salesforce recruiters? 


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