20. Live Your Career Passion (Solo)

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By the time I reached my thirty years old, I, all of a sudden, realize that “Live your passion” is the most important thing missing in my entire career journey. It was not easy to face this truth, not at all.

In this episode, I talked about how I started my working career without any plan, how I continued blindly for ten years, and how I finally climbed out the hole and started to live my very own passion.

The message and the only message I want to beat into your mind in this entire article is, to find your passion and live it.

It includes exactly two steps. Step 1, find your career passion, and step 2, live your career passion.

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How to Find Your Career Passion

Many people, including me, couldn’t easily figure out what our passions are. My experience and my suggestion are — try multiple things until you found it. It is as simple as this, yet difficult to execute.

Many people wish to sit, ponder, and come up with an ultimate passion, a passion that they can stick to in the entire life. Because they are so afraid that if they pick up one passion from their list, they might realize later this isn’t what they want to do, and all contributed time is lost.

I totally agree that our life is priceless and we should never ever waste time on purpose. However, we also need to be 100% crystally clear that, there is no short cut at all to know in prior which is the true answer among those options. As an analogy, a salesperson needs to knock 100 doors to find out who behind those 100 doors will buy his product. Before the action, he simply doesn’t know.

The same story applies to find our passion. As I mentioned in this solo episode, I have tried many different things, non-stop, until I realize that being a programmer, being a podcast host, and being a YouTuber is what I am happy with. So you will need to spend time and seek yours.

How to Live your Career Passion

If you have found your passion and started working on it, congratulations! Now, you probably work harder and longer more sustainably and you are less likely to give up when times get tough. This is because it is your passion, it is something you are truly happy to do. Because of these, you are also much more likely to succeed in your career.

In a previous Salesforce IDE podcast episode, the guest Scott Wells sets a concise example for us. He had a decent job, titled as CTO. He could have carried on his career in this company. But he started his side project and gradually realized that this is the passion he wanted to live. So he is on his grind for 4 years, spent numerous hours in the evening and weekends, and finally, he reached the stage that he can quit the job to full-time work on his own business.

What If It Is NOT My Passion?

It is very common that after attempting for some time, we realize that the thing we thought was the passion, turns out NOT.

No panic, this is how it is. We are now knocking those “100 doors”, we are spending time to talk to people behind the doors. We keep hustling. Hustling is the most important thing in this context, there is no short cut. Keeping it up and be patient is the advice I can give to you.

Questions of today

Have you found your career passion?

If yes, would you mind to share with me?

If no, are you on the journey? Can I be any help?

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