69. DML Mocking for Apex Test | James Simone

DML Mocking

James Simone, who joins to talk about DML Mocking, is the lead Software Engineer at James Simone LLC.

He is also a climber, runner, sourdough bread baker, oats enthusiast, and software developer. He’s the self-published author of the sci-fi / fantasy novel A Good Thing Never Stops.


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Main Points

  • James’ the Joys of Apex blog series
  • What is DML mocking?
  • Is DML mocking important to implement?
  • How to switch to using DML mocking?
  • Is test speed also important for development?
  • How DML mocking is created in a high-level picture?
  • What challenges have James encountered when implementing the DML mocking lib?
  • Does the DML Mocking lib support UoW?
  • James’ SOQL and SOSL mocking implementation
  • James’ thinking about code


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