12. Create DX Plugin

dx plugin

In this talk, Shane shares what DX plugin can do and how to create it to facilitate developers’ work.

Main points

  1. Why did shane create the shane-sfdx-plugins open source project?
  2. Two groups of plugin commands in the plugin
  3. Why not incorporate the dx plugin into the core DX
  4. Oclif framework that shane-sfdx-plugins is built upon
  5. Discuss how the two groups of plugin commands work under the hood
  6. How to use this plugin to install both 1st and 2nd generation packages
  7. Using 2nd generation package in customer projects
  8. What Shane has learned from creating this plugin
  9. Should Salesforce developers create DX plugins too?
  10. Discuss current Salesforce developer experience v.s. Before


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