15. Separation of Concerns | Andy Fawcett

separation of concerns

Separation of Concerns is a principle that all software engineer needs to learn. In his book, Force.com Enterprise Architecture, Andy Fawcett talks a lot about this principle and illustrates how to use it in the Salesforce solution. Hopefully it is useful for you to listen to our discussion :).

Main Points


Xi’s presentation on Separation of Concerns

This is a presentation that I made in Helsinki Developer Group Meetup before recording this episode with Andy. But I think it still adds value to people who need some examples to better grab this principle.

Hope you enjoy it!

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  • 0:00 Opening
  • 1:15 What is good code in Salesforce – Audiences’ input
  • 4:43 Code review reflects code quality
  • 5:09 IMO, what is good code in Salesforce
  • 7:18 Code design books in 80’s and 90’s
  • 10:10 Separation of Concerns (SoC) Principle in Salesforce
  • 14:20 SoC sample code demo and explanation
  • 22:09 Open sourced fflib library and its features
  • 31:55 Review if SoC helps us writing good code
  • 34:55 How to adopt SoC for new and existing code base
  • 36:10 The company I am working in, my Salesforce dev podcast and our clean code community
  • 37:12 (Q&A) Justify business value and convince management to use SoC
  • 40:15 (Q&A) Refactoring existing code base and adopt SoC

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