44. Salesforce Governance and Change management | Anup Jadhav

Salesforce Governance

Anup Jadhav joins to talk about Salesforce governance and change management in Salesforce.

Anup is a Salesforce Developer MVP, Co-founder of London Salesforce Developer User Group, Technical Architect.


Proton Text is a complete SMS texting solution built for the Lightning Platform, and by one of our previous guests Pat McClellan.

Main Points

  • Anup’s self-introduction
  • Anup and Francis hosting podcast – Salesforce Posse
  • Governance and change management in Salesforce is critical
  • What is governance and what is change management
  • Technical process part
  • The non-technical business process part
  • In Anup’s opinion, the key is alignment and autonomy


Video Teaser on Salesforce Governance

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