19. Salesforce IDE – Illuminated Cloud | Scott Wells

Salesforce IDE
Scott Wells

Scott Wells, the author of Salesforce IDE, Illuminated Cloud, is an accomplished software architect and developer with over two decades of experience in all aspects of the software development process.

Main Points

Scott Wells joins to talk about:

  • why and how he created Salesforce IDE, Illuminated Cloud
  • what unique challenges he has faced along the journey
  • and what it takes to build, support, and stand behind it

In his talk, Scott mentioned that the very first step he did is to create an Apex parser. I have had a chat with Robert Sösemann about what it takes to build an Apex compiler and parser before. This is a high threshold for anybody who wants to create a Salesforce IDE.

In addition, he also talked about how to create code completion, jump-to-the-definition, and some other must-to-have features in any modem IDE.


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Besides the technical points Scott shared, I’d like to also emphasize his business achievement.

A couple of years ago, I created a mobile app from scratch and brought it into both the iOS and Android platforms. At the time, there were several hundreds of registered free users, but I stopped developing and maintaining it. For one reason, the time and effort it takes are overwhelming, for another, I don’t know how to gain revenue from it. The gap between free users and paid users are day and night.

Therefore, if you think you know how difficult it is for one-man band to turn something from an idea into a successful product used by thousands of paid users, think it again. It is a lonely marathon that ordinary people like me cannot even reach halfway.

I appreciate that Scott spent his time to talk with me!

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Questions of today

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