50. Contribute To The Salesforce Community | Joey Chan

The Salesforce Community

Joey Chan, who joins to talk about contributing back to the Salesforce community, is ranking #1 in AppExchange developers, Philippines User Group Leader, Founder and Solutions Architect of Cloud Jedi Solutions Limited.

Main Points

  • Joey ranks 1st in AppExchange developer community
  • Is Joey paid to contribute to the community?
  • Why does Joey contribute while knowing it is unpaid work?
  • What benefit did Joey receive in the first couple of years?
  • Joey’s 5-year goal after college graduation and how did he achieved the goal
  • How did Joey attract his first customer?
  • How do Joey and his team work for the customers remotely?
  • When did Joey shift from a regular job to working for the US-based customer, and what has changed due to this?
  • Joey’s recommendation for listeners on this topic


Video Teaser – the Salesforce community

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