17. Unlocked Packages | Fabien Taillon

Unlocked Packages

Fabien Taillon is an unlocked packages early adapter, Salesforce MVP, the CTO at TexeiFrance, the ParisDUG Co-organizer, also part of FTDreamin Team.


Proton Text is a complete SMS texting solution built for the Lightning Platform, and by one of our previous guests Pat McClellan.

Main Points

As developers, we need to learn new technologies fast and often. Xi talks to Fabien about Unlocked Packages, the new way to manage Salesforce solutions. What is Unlocked Packages, how to start to use it, what new challenges do we face when using it as well as the Texei sfdx plugin open-sourced by Fabien’s company.

Hands-on Video on unlocked packages

*Hands-on video refers to the screencasting I record to practice the things I learned from the gust on this topic. We all know that programming can only be learned by practicing.

YouTube Video URL

Unlocked packages jump start


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